about me

wait what? you want to know more about... me? >///<

Hi. I'm kitsune and I build web apps. You may know me from my most popular project so far, Ragtag Archive. I built that project when I was actively managing Aonahara Translations' website and internal translation tools, which is why it got the ragtag.moe domain.

I wanted to do more interesting things, but didn't want to drag the TL group's name around for my personal projects, so I got this kitsu.red domain instead xd. I'm still not sure what I wanted to do for the landing page for this domain, so I guess I'll just go back to basics and slap together an old-school html+css page.

I'm currently at my third year studying Computer Science, and I will be graduating in less than a year and then I'll have to look for a job and be an adult and oh god oh fuck aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA

(p.s. hmu if you're looking for a software engineer and you like the stuff i've built)

other stuff i made

As an avid consumer of certain japanese media (ahem), I've also built a few other tools to help me consume more content, such as fc2-live-dl, a tool to download live streams from fc2.com.

I've also wanted to start writing (english, not code lol), so I'm starting (yet another) blog, available now at kitsu.red/blog. Not sure if I will continue writing or if I'll abandon it just like my countless other blogs. But if you like reading please do check it out!

talk to me?

I'm active on twitter as @kitsune_cw, and I'm also on discord as kitsune#0156. Be sure to let me know you found my discord tag from this page! I'm also pretty active on the Holopirates discord, so feel free to join me there! (And if that link is broken, you can also join the HoloArchivists discord, which is totally not affiliated at all.)

You can also send me an e-mail at [email protected]