first blog post 😳

Hey there! Welcome to (what I hope will be) my primary outlet for long-form text. I've always wanted to write about whatever, but I never knew what to write, or how to write things, or where to publish my thoughts. I used to have a blog on my public seiso profile, but I always felt like I was restrained and had to keep my public image as interesting as possible while also safe for work, out of fear of being judged by any potential employers. I also felt like I have to write things perfectly, and so I couldn't just pour out my thoughts as-is, and had to spend a considerable amount of time to structure things and make them look good.

With this blog though, I hope that I can get over that fear and perfectionism and just write about the stuff that I love. It's going to be published under my kitsune pseudonym, and I've done a lot worse things with this name than just publishing a few paragraphs of badly written text lol.

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I hope I will enjoy writing it. I'm keeping things really minimal so I'm not even gonna bother putting links and stuff. Use your browser back button or edit the url manually if you wanna navigate around my site.

I added a header up there xd